20th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 3) Morning arrives with the party staying at The Yawning Portal where they finalized the transfer of the deed from Volo. They then visit the North Ward to examine their new property and find the manor, now tavern, in dire disrepair. As they make arrangements to begin some repairs, starting with the replacement of a roof, they discover signs of a haunting by the tavern’s previous owner now in the form of a poltergeist.

They hire a cleric to help deal with the poltergeist but instead encounter something far more sinister, the spirit of a hag that once owned the manor and used it as an orphanage. The orphanage however was only a front for the hag that was later discovered had been eating the children. She was slain by the Church of Torm but the restless souls of the hag and her victims still remained until the party was forced to slay the hag and free the souls of the children.