22nd of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 6) The party decided to pursuit the Hammer of Moradin which they discover is hidden within the Blue Alley, a sort of extra-dimensional dungeon located within Waterdeep created by the wizard Keilier as a “strange sort of obstacle course, established by a crazed wizard to test the greedy, the venturesome, and others who wander into it… Vast treasure is said to wait there for any who can take it, but from what I heard, the place is studded with inescapable traps that claim almost all who enter.”

As the group entered the Blue Alley they were met with a podium with a guestbook containing a list of names. To proceed further they were forced to write their name in the guestbook to advance past the invisible wall, which then closed again behind them. On the wall ahead of them was a mural depicting party members being mutilated by various grisly traps.

The group managed to avoid a pit of spikes and a levitating hallway that would send them into a deadly barrage of lightning, and come to a room with a yellow tiled pathway leading to the next door. Here Elspeth was nearly slain when the nimblewright “Kim” set off a trap by stepping off the pathway which summoned a nasty pair of specters.

In the next room the all the surfaces was covered in a single magic mirror along with a mirrored podium that held the silver war hammer of Moradin. However written above the door it said “Everything you see is mine” and after testing the room with a barrel attached to a rope they learn that once something enters the room it can’t get back out and is instead teleported back to the center of the room.

(Session 7) After the mirrored room them moved on and encountered another room filled with smoke and floating disks hanging from the ceiling. They managed to deal with the smoke mephits and found the source of the smoke to be coming from large smoking cauldrons. Bartok hauled one of the cauldrons into the mirrored room to fill the room with smoke to obscure the mirrors and then managed to enter the room to retrieve the hammer without getting stuck in the room.

The party then proceeded through the dungeon until they found a silver key guarded by a mimic and used it to open the silver door that was previously locked to them. With the silver key in hand they bypassed a few more traps, fought some skeletons, stole some skulls with jewel encrusted eye-sockets that summoned a shadow when the gems were removed, and encountered another long hallway protected by scything blades.

Bartok managed to slip past the swinging blades by taking on the form of a spider to reach the end where he retrieved a single copper coin commemorating the golden anniversary of the reign of Lord Piergeiron the Paladinson which they hoped was the “key” they needed to unlock the golden door in another room.