I am an amateur web designer with about 20 years of experience.

While I don’t consider myself a programmer I am experienced with HTML, CSS, some php, a little java-script, and a dabbling of most everything else. My first website, and most of my websites since, were designed using a plain text editor. I am using WordPress now because it is powerful, easy, and makes most of what I have learned about web coding over the last 20 years almost obsolete since WordPress does most of it for you.

I got my start with a free web site community called GeoCities. In the 90’s before Twitter, before MySpace, before Facebook, there was GeoCities. Back then GeoCities was about as close as it came to social media. Anyone could sign up for a free website and get started making their own home page that people then could share with friends. Although unlike Facebook, creating your own home page required you to learn a little bit about web design. This is where Community Leaders came into play.

A Community Leader was a volunteer that would provide online assistance and guidance for members just starting out learning HTML, java-script, and other web design applications. Within a few months of joining GeoCities and teaching myself HTML I joined the Community Leader program to help others. Within a few more months I was recruiting and training other Community Leaders.

Now GeoCities is no more, and sites like MySpace and now Facebook make setting up your own online social profile so easy that few people seem interested in learning about HTML and FTP any more. This is where I come in to help those who want an affordable website for their business or community without paying “professional” prices.

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