22nd of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 6) The party decided to pursuit the Hammer of Moradin which they discover is hidden within the Blue Alley, a sort of extra-dimensional dungeon located within Waterdeep created by the wizard Keilier as a “strange sort of obstacle course, established by a crazed wizard to test the greedy, the venturesome, and others who wander into it… Vast treasure is said to wait there for any who can take it, but from what I heard, the place is studded with inescapable traps that claim almost all who enter.”

As the group entered the Blue Alley they were met with a podium with a guestbook containing a list of names. To proceed further they were forced to write their name in the guestbook to advance past the invisible wall, which then closed again behind them. On the wall ahead of them was a mural depicting party members being mutilated by various grisly traps.

The group managed to avoid a pit of spikes and a levitating hallway that would send them into a deadly barrage of lightning, and come to a room with a yellow tiled pathway leading to the next door. Here Elspeth was nearly slain when the nimblewright “Kim” set off a trap by stepping off the pathway which summoned a nasty pair of specters.

In the next room the all the surfaces was covered in a single magic mirror along with a mirrored podium that held the silver war hammer of Moradin. However written above the door it said “Everything you see is mine” and after testing the room with a barrel attached to a rope they learn that once something enters the room it can’t get back out and is instead teleported back to the center of the room.

(Session 7) After the mirrored room them moved on and encountered another room filled with smoke and floating disks hanging from the ceiling. They managed to deal with the smoke mephits and found the source of the smoke to be coming from large smoking cauldrons. Bartok hauled one of the cauldrons into the mirrored room to fill the room with smoke to obscure the mirrors and then managed to enter the room to retrieve the hammer without getting stuck in the room.

The party then proceeded through the dungeon until they found a silver key guarded by a mimic and used it to open the silver door that was previously locked to them. With the silver key in hand they bypassed a few more traps, fought some skeletons, stole some skulls with jewel encrusted eye-sockets that summoned a shadow when the gems were removed, and encountered another long hallway protected by scything blades.

Bartok managed to slip past the swinging blades by taking on the form of a spider to reach the end where he retrieved a single copper coin commemorating the golden anniversary of the reign of Lord Piergeiron the Paladinson which they hoped was the “key” they needed to unlock the golden door in another room.

21st of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 4) The party awakens after their first night in Trollskull Manor to a fireball exploding just outside their new home. In the street just outside the manor are nearly a dozen bodies and a wagon and horses on fire along with several onlookers.

After questioning the witnesses they discover that a gnome named Dalakhar had been the target and that he was pursued by three Zhentarium agents. A metal construct slew the gnome and the Zhentarium agents with a bead from a necklace of fireballs and then removed something from the gnome and ran from the scene, followed by the only surviving agent of the Zhentarium.

Shortly after being questioned by the City Watch concerning the incident the party was visited by Renear who revealed the name of the gnome as Dalakhar and that he was an agent working for Renear’s father, the previous Lord of Waterdeep Dagult Neverember. Dagult embezzled a fortune in gold from the City of Waterdeep during his reign as the Open Lord of the city before he was discovered and then exiled. Before he could be questioned by his fellow Lords he placed all his knowledge concerning the whereabouts of the gold into an artifact known as the Stone of Golorr, a sentient device capable of storing and removing memories. With his knowledge of the treasure placed in the stone, Dagult then erased the information from his own mind as to not reveal the location of the gold when he was questioned by the Lords. The Stone of Golorr was then given to his trusted agent, the gnome Dalakhar.

With the Xanathar and the Zhentarium close upon his heels, Dalakhar knew he had to get out of Waterdeep. Not knowing who to trust with a whole city looking for him Dalakhar approached Renear Neverember. While Renear and his father were long estranged from each other Dalakhar knew of no one else to turn to. Renear, having few friends he felt he could trust with his life, sent Dalakhar to Trollskull Manor to meet with the party that had recently rescued him. Renear had planned on meeting Dalakhar at Trollskull Manor but was delayed when he sought out another friend, Meloon Wardragon, a group of elite adventurers who work under the orders of The Blackstaff who deal with threats to the city that are too unconventional for the City Watch.

It was Renear’s plan to convince Dalakhar to turn the gold over to the City and back into the hands of the people of Waterdeep, but Dalakhar was ambushed and killed before he could even arrive at the Trollskull Manor.

Renear also revealed that the warehouse that was used by the Zhentarium where he was held after being kidnapped also belonged to House Gralhund, a noble family in Waterdeep with a Villa in North Ward.

The party decided to take Renear with them to track down further leads and began at the House of Inspired Wonders, a temple dedicated to Grond, and home to an array of clockwork wonders, including a nimblewright named Nim. There they discovered that Nim had created another of his kind and that it was Nim’s creation that was responsible for killing Dalakhar and stealing the Stone of Golorr. Nim gave the party a device that would help them track the renegade nimblewright. Using the device they tracked it to the Gralhund Villa.

(Session 5) Amarill took the face of Hurv, the Villa’s groundskeeper, and climbed up an exterior balcony and entered the villa through the master bedroom where he saw the villa guards engaged in a battle with some Zhentarium thugs, among whom was Urstul who survived the fireball and headed to the Gralhund Villa with some back up to confront Yalah Gralhund.

During the conversation between Urstul and Yalah it was revealed that Yalah had been working with the Zhentarium but betrayed them to take the stone for herself which she then had her nimblewright deliver to her new allies.

As the fighting drew to an end the nimblewright returned from its errand clutching some kind of map. Yalah chastised the creature and ordered it to leave and get rid of it. She then turned to Amarill who was still disguised to look like her servant Hurv and ordered him to see to it that the creature was disposed of to eliminate any loose ends. Amarill then left to follow the nimblewright and then asked it to come with him back to Trollskull Manor which the nimblewright readily obeyed.

As the group met back up at Trollskull Manor Ellywick quickly adopted the nimbewright and named it Kim and altered its appearance to better disguise it. They had examined the map and found that it was a rough sketch showing the location of a mausoleum belonging to the Cassalanters within the City of the Dead within Waterdeep.

They entered the mausoleum to discover some kind of ritual taking place with some strange looking elf like cultists. They managed to slay the elves but not before they summoned some kind of fiendish creature dressed in red and white robes carrying a birch stick, a large sack, and sprouting horns from its head. After slaying the creature they recovered the Stone of Golorr that had been left laying on the stone alter, perhaps as an offering to the fiendish creature they just dispatched to whatever plane it came from.

After returning to Trollskull Manor With the Stone of Golorr in hand they became aware through the telepathic link to the artifact that the location of Lord Dagult Neverember’s hidden treasure was in the Vault of Dragons hidden underneath a decrepit old windmill in the Southern Ward of Waterdeep, but that it required three keys to open: a bronze dragonscale, the Hammer of Moradin, and a pint of vintage dwarven ale.

The Vault was also guarded by a Gold Dragon that Lord Neverember made some kind of deal with to guard his treasure until he could return to claim it.

20th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 3) Morning arrives with the party staying at The Yawning Portal where they finalized the transfer of the deed from Volo. They then visit the North Ward to examine their new property and find the manor, now tavern, in dire disrepair. As they make arrangements to begin some repairs, starting with the replacement of a roof, they discover signs of a haunting by the tavern’s previous owner now in the form of a poltergeist.

They hire a cleric to help deal with the poltergeist but instead encounter something far more sinister, the spirit of a hag that once owned the manor and used it as an orphanage. The orphanage however was only a front for the hag that was later discovered had been eating the children. She was slain by the Church of Torm but the restless souls of the hag and her victims still remained until the party was forced to slay the hag and free the souls of the children.

19th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 1) The adventure begins in the late evening at The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep when a brawl breaks out at a nearby table between Yagra, an agent of the Zhentarium, and a group of thugs working for the Xanathar’s Guild. Shortly after the brawl a troll climbs up out of the Pit along with several stirges and engages the group in battle. The party is victorious in their battle and attract the attention of Volo.

Volo hires the group to rescue his friend, Floon Blagmar, who was last seen the  night before at a seedy tavern in the Dock Ward named the Skewered Dragon. The party heads to the location to question the locals and discovers that Floon met with a friend, later discovered to be Renear Neverember, and they both left together followed by a group of suspicious looking thugs known to be associated with the Zentarium. The group is given a location; a warehouse off of Candle Lane in the Dock Ward where the thugs are known to hang out at.

The party arrives at this warehouse and discover the aftermath of a bloody battle between the Zhentarium and the Xanathar’s Guild with the Xanathar’s Guild being the victors. The three surviving Xanathar agents are subdued and questioned, but it turns out they knew nothing of Floon and that it was Renear Neverember that they were after. The party discovers Renear hiding in a closet where he escaped notice shortly before the battle began.

(Session 2)

It seems the Zhentarium and the Xanathar are both interested in Renear Neverember because of his ties to his father who hid a stock-pile of gold somewhere in the city. Floon was captured along with Renear, and when the Xanathar showed up to capture Renear from the Zhentarium Floon was captured by mistake while Renear hid in the closet.

The party learns from the Xanathar captives that Floon (who they thought was Renear) was taken to a hideout in the sewers for questioning. The party heads to the sewers where they fight some goblins and other agents of the Xanathar’s Guild where they rescue Floon and encounter a mind flayer who was there during the interrogation but only as a projected illusion.

The party then returns to The Yawning Portal with Floon to collect their reward but find Volo rather lacking in funds and unable to deliver the promised gold he had agreed to. Instead Volo presented the party with the deed to a piece of property he owned called Trollskull Manor within the North Ward. Volo warned the group that the manor/tavern was rumored to be haunted and that he had bought it for that reason to be used as research for his next book Volo’s Guide to Spectres and Spirits.