Day the 10th (Session 10, Monday 6/04/18)

1st Day of Sextober

We retraced our steps back into the cave to the small cavern where we had faced off with the Hook Horrors. One fork lead to a dead-end over-looking a murky underground river running swiftly somewhere under the wall of the cavern. Chester refused to even approach near the water and mentioned the snakey, tentically and scaley thing he had seen before we had met up with him.

We withdrew and headed down another fork in the cavern and came to yet another chamber of the underground river. Once again Chester refused to go near it, and then Coarvyne spotted a large dark shadow somewhere under the surface of the water.

Three heads resembling writhing snakes rose up out of the water and struck at Coarvyne and Fenella, and missed Erland. The body the heads were attached to remained barely visible below the murky surface of the water. While I unleash my Scorching Ray, and Fenella her Moonbeam, Coarvyne poked at the beast with his stabby pole and retreated to the back of the cavern calling for all of us to pull back out of its reach.

Erland ignored the halfling and loped off a head with his greatsword. Fenella morphed her form into that of an ape. Two of the creatures heads struck and her ape form looked close to death. Erland was not looking too great himself after having been bit several times.

Another head grew to replace the one Erland loped off only to be loped off again just as quickly. Chester cast a spell that appeared to have backfired on him. Fenella briefly returned to her elven form and almost immediately shifted back into an ape; her wounds appeared to have instantly healed.

As I cast Chromatic Orb, Chester cast another spell and managed to put the beast to sleep. Erland called for us all to halt our attacks and we withdraw for a moment to allow the fighter to administer the coup de grâce that finished off the sleeping wounded beast.

Erland hauled the massive heads out of the water and pilled them on top of my Floating Disk spell. Hey, you never know when three hydra heads might come in useful.

We carted the heads back outside the cave and decided to take a short rest before picking out a different tunnel into the cave. At the first fork in the tunnel we split up with Fenella and Coarvyne heading North while Erland, Chester and I proceeded East.

Coarvyne and Fenella found a small cavern and had an interesting chat with a couple of Dire Badgers. Erland and I found another branch of the underground river with the tunnel continuing on the other side roughly 30 feet ahead.

I sent my raven down the tunnel to investigate and found another massive cavern full of imps. I quickly dismissed my familiar and alerted the rest of the party. Using a rope and grapple we managed to make it over the water and prepared our strategy for facing the imps.