Day the 10th (Session 11, Monday 6/11/18)

1st Day of Sextober

We consumed our Protection from Poison potions, and I read through my scroll that I had purchased in Kalock and cast a spell of See Invisibility on myself. It had cost me 100 gold to buy and to my disappointment I had not yet had a chance to copy it into my spellbook but I did not want to face a cavern full of invisible imps while blind.

Armed with spells and a plan of attack we moved into the cavern. Erland moved in first as our trusty meat shield, with Fenella beside him and the rest of us following behind. A group of 4 imps were huddled near the entrance of the cavern. I pointed them out to Fenella and she unleashed her Moonbeam upon them.

The four imps immediately advanced on Erland and it seemed they were about to grab him to drag him off but between my Shatter spell, Fenella’s Moonbeam, and Coarvyn’s Cordon of Arrows, all four imps dropped dead before they could lay a hand on him.

I then targeted another imp deeper within the cavern and used an illusion to outline him so that Coarvyne could plug him full of arrows as Chester cast his Shatter spell on another invisible group of imps on the opposite side of the cavern.

As the imps turn to flee I warned Fenella and she moved her Moonbeam down to the tunnel on the opposite end of the cavern where the imps were running for. One was carrying a small chest, another a barrel, and a third was dragging along a human by his hair.

Three more imps died in the Moonbeam as they ran through it trying to escape, including the bearer of the chest. However the imp dragging the human and the one with the barrel managed to escape. Coarvyne wounded one with his arrow and I managed to finish it off with a Chromatic Orb.

All told nine imps were dead, but at least four or more managed to escape. Coarvyne was hot in pursuit on his cougar and I barely managed to catch up to Fenella as she shifted into a warhorse and held tightly to her neck as she galloped down the tunnel behind Coarvyne.

We caught up to the imp that had been dragging the human, and the imp held it’s stinger over his barely conscious form and garbled some kind of threat that I did not understand. His threat died with him however as a pair of arrows from Coarvyne’s bow dropped him before he could make good on it.

As we checked on the human Erland arrived carrying the small chest. I took a quick look inside and found it to be full of coins and gems! It looked to be a nice sum. We stuck it in Coarvyne’s haversack to be examined later and then turned our attention on the human.

His name was Trevor, and as we expected he was part of the caravan that had been attacked by the imps. He was a scout that left to look for the stolen treasure and wound up a captive of the imps who had intended to turn him into a slave, or perhaps a snack for later.

I sent my raven familiar further ahead along the various passages looking for any sign of the imps and the rest of their stolen loot. In one cavern my familiar was grabbed by some kind of rope or tentacle. Whatever it was it was fast and agile enough to lasso around a raven flying swiftly through the air, which ruled out any ordinary rope. A tentacle then perhaps from some kind of creature stealthy enough to avoid being easily spotted.

I dismissed my familiar and pondered what the creature may have been, then summoned my familiar once more to explore further passages, one which lead to the same cave where we had first came in while looking for the imps. While exploring further I found another cavern with nine more imps.

Our potions and my spell to see the invisible imps had at least twenty more minutes left before it would expire and I wanted to make the most of them so we quickly made our way to the imp cave and repeated our same strategy as before. We killed at least five of the imps with the other four escaping through a crack in the wall.

The room was covered with broken bits of furniture and several crates that looked like part of the stolen caravan goods. Trevor, who had followed us into the room once it was clear of imps confirmed it.

With our magic almost at its end we decided not to pursuit the imps any further and made our way back to the entrance with the caravan goods in tow placed upon a disk of magical force. Fenella cast a spell of Animal Messenger on a nearby bird and had it deliver a message to Farland on the other side of the mountain and called for him to join us and to bring the horses.

Once we were all gathered together we made our way back to Kresh to deliver the goods. It was already past dusk when we left and it must have been 2am by the time we arrived.