Day the 11th (Session 12, Monday 6/18/18)

2nd Day of Sextober

Morning came far too soon, and as soon as I awoke I gathered my brazier and expensive herbs and began to re-summon my familiar into the form of an owl. I knew we would be heading back into the cave to face a dragon and likely more imps and I needed something that could see within the dark cavern.

Breakfast followed my summoning, and after that a trip to the trade guild were we talked with a gnome woman named Merinda. She offered us a 100 gp reward for the return of the barrel and all its contents that the imps had made off with during the caravan raid. It was to be delivered to a man named John Smith in Eastport, a made up name if ever I heard one. Even more suspiciously Merinda had no records of what was inside the barrel.

We then met with Greg from the General Goods store and bought some more Protection from Poison potions and a couple more scrolls of See Invisibility. We then made our way back to the caverns where I sent out my owl to scout ahead.

After one mishap that lead to my owl being killed I re-summoned him and sent him out again under the cloak of an Invisibility spell. With the help of my owl I managed to scout out most of the tunnel network by the time Fenella cast a Locate Object on the barrel.

We tracked the barrel down another tunnel and ran into three more imps who seemed to be trying to decide just what to do with their prize. With Fenella’s Faerie Fire marking the fiendish little creatures we managed to make quick work of them and then investigated the contents of the barrel.

Inside we found three halflings, one dead and the other two not too far behind. Knowingly or not, the trade guild was involved in slavery! Based on their reported lack of records over the contents of the barrel and the likely fake name, it seemed likely they either knew what they were transporting, or purposely decided to keep themselves in the dark to give themselves deniability.

At that point we decided we would not be returning the chest of gems and coins that we had recaptured the day before.

After seeing the halflings to safety outside the cavern we scouted out the large cave where the dragon resided along with eight more imps. After consuming our potions we moved in.

Chester charged in with a Fireball directly on the dragon. Myself, wishing to deal with the imps first, opened with a Shatter spell. Erland moved in and dispatched two imps with his sword. Fenella attacked another group with her Moonbeam, and Coarvyn focused his shots on the dragon.

The young green dragon breathed its poisonous cloud on Erland and then flew up into a chimney like opening leading up above. Luckily for the potion Erland took the poisonous gas in stride.

Chester opened up with another Fireball on the dragon, and I with Scorching Ray. One of the imps began to flee but got swatted down by the dragon. Fenelle’s Moonbeam finishes off another imp and Erland slaughter’s three more.

The dragon landed, crushing another imp below him, and attacked Chester who did a nice job of dodging the dragon’s advance. Coarvyne launches two more arrows into the dragon’s face, followed by three more balls of fire from my Scorching Ray spell. Erland lands the killing blow just as the dragon was about to flee.

With the dragon dead we were victorious… And rich!

260 pounds worth of coins lay scattered on the ground where the dragon slept and we were quick to collect it all.

After gathering up the treasure and a few talons as a trophy we headed back outside to see how our rescued halflings were doing. Farland had been doing some questioning and learned that they knew about Coarvyn and his family and that they had escaped to Delta City on the West side of Kaloch.

We made it back to Kaloch by 9pm just before the gates closed where I decided to treat myself to one of the best inns in the lower city.