Day the 12th (Session 13, Monday 6/25/18)

3nd Day of Sextober

When morning came we tracked down Kragdor who had secured us a way onto the second tier of Kaloch by way of a dinner invitation. One of his friends was hosting a dinner party and we were all given a 24 hour pass to attend.

We had to look the part if we were to be brushing shoulders with the upper elite so on the first order of business we visited a clothing shop where we purchased some new duds.

Unfortunately the 24 hour pass and the fancy new clothes was not sufficient to grant passage into the Archive. While Coarvyne and Fenella were out shopping, and Erland was attending the dinner party, I decided to sneak into the Archive under the guise of an Invisibility spell. Unfortunately I some how caught the guard’s attention as I tried to piggy-back through the door behind an elven diplomat.

While the guard and one of the archivists searched through the library for me, I stealthed through the rows of books looking for any information on the abandoned dwarven outpost. After several moments of cat and mouse I managed to narrow down my search, but by then the guard had called for reinforcements to assist in finding me.

Knowing that I had over-stayed my welcome, and knowing that my cloak of Invisibility would not keep me hidden for long if the dwarves brought arcane users with them, I decided I needed to make my escape.

I crept downstairs to the lower level of the library were I spotted several more dwarves busy with their work doing some kind of research. I studied the outfit and the facial features of the first dwarf that caught my eye, and then crept into a corner to change.

After casting Alter Self to make myself look like the dwarf I proceeded back upstairs and went up to the exit that had by then been locked. I knocked and called out to the guard to open the door which he did. After checking me over and appearing to recognize me he explained that the door had been secured because some invisible intruder had snuck in. I feigned surprise and shock at this outlandish deed and assured the guard that I had seen no one and wished them good luck in their search.

The guard allowed me to exit and then secured the door behind me. I then met back up with Fenella and Coarvyne and had a brief moment of fun conversing with them as a dwarf they did not recognize.

Coarvyne returned to the first tier to seek out a forger while Fenella and I decided to seek out another option. We staked out one of the government buildings and watched as one of the municipal officials made their way to a nearby tavern. Using Fenella as a distraction I managed to steal his I.D. badge.

Once more disguised as a dwarf, only this time with a badge, I was allowed back into the Archive. Being that a few hours had passed, the search had been called off and the guards had changed shifts. I returned to the section of books that I had scouted out earlier and managed to find the book containing information about the dwarven outpost. It made mention of a prisoner transfer and then gave a reference to another book, however the volume I was directed to was missing.

Foiled again I left the Archive to meet with the others at the dinner party. We spoke with Kragdor who informed us that the missing book had to be somewhere within the Archive and that it was unlikely anyone would have removed it. So it was back to the Archive for yet a third time.

By this time Coarvyne managed to secure an Ambassador badge for Fenella naming her as an elven diplomat. With Coarvyne disguised as her servant, and me once more disguised as dwarf carrying my stolen badge, we proceeded back to the Archive.

Fenella used a Locate Object spell which lead us to the missing book hidden behind a board at the base of the bookshelf. Sensing some kind of trap I cast Detect Magic and discovered the book was glowing with conjuration magic. I then used Identify and discovered some kind of summoning spell placed upon the book that would be activated once a certain passage had been read.

We decided the book was likely too dangerous to read right then and there and thought it was best to steal the book to examine later. Kragdor had mentioned some kind of warding placed over the Archive that prevented the books from being taken but I had hoped placing them inside Coarvyne’s haversack inside a dimensional pocket might prevent it from being detected as we tried to leave the Archive. Unfortunately I misjudged the exact nature of the Ward and the guard was alerted the moment the book was placed inside the sack.

When our hastily constructed lies failed to persuade the guard I decided to admit the truth, or at least part of it, and explained to the guard that we were just seeking to help our friend, Kragdor, who had been fired due to a missing prisoner that he had a hand in allowing to escape. After filling the guards head with this mysterious missing prisoner and some political conspiracy to keep him hidden away, and something about enchanted books, the guard decided to open the book that activated the sigil.