Day the 12th (Session 14, Monday 7/02/18)

3nd Day of Sextober

A swirling swoosh rose up from the enchanted ink spot on the book and three Invisible Stalkers are summoned and then suddenly vanish from sight. The guard gets tore up from the invisible bludgeoning attacks but some how manages to survive.

Fenella attempted to mark them with Faerie Fire but only managed to outline one of the creatures. With my spells nearly exhausted I hit the one Stalker that I can see with my Fire Bolt as Coarvyne used his healing on the guard; whose name by the way was Agate, or Scout Agate as he was officially titled.

Fenella dragged Agate aside attempting to move him to safety and cast her Faerie Fire once again and succeeded in outlining the remaining Invisible Stalkers.

Coarvyne managed to come out of the battle unscathed, Fenella was badly wounded, and I was beaten pretty hard. Agate, the guard, narrowly managed to escape death’s door after being beaten unconscious and blinded by the relentless Stalker’s but managed to recover due to Fenella and Coarvyne’s healing.

With the guard alive we examined the book, now free of enchantment, and found the name of the prisoner to be Henry Edwards, or Hank, who was an Ambassador from Homegrad. Henry was tight with the royal family and was mainly involved with trade negotiations. However for some unknown reason he was captured and placed in “oubliette” nearly 100 years ago. Agate pointed out that the date was only a week before the current Czar, Rhodo, had come to power. His three older brothers; Flint, Tuff, and Shale; declined the throne to support their younger brother.

We suspect that the older brothers hold the true power while using their younger brother as a puppet.

While there was a record of Ambassador Henry being imprisoned in the Kaloch dungeon there was no record of him leaving. After further investigation I managed to find out that Henry’s primary liaison was the dwarven Ambassador Dace who died of advanced age some 87 years ago, about 20 years after Henry had been imprisoned. If Ambassador Dace had any knowledge of why Henry was imprisoned it was possible that information died with him.

4th Day of Sextober

The next morning I proceeded to the Wizard’s College to seek out further training to advance in my studies. I then met up with Coarvyne’s contact, Gallum, at the Print Works shop and arranged for an Ambassador badge to be made for myself and agreed to meet with him that afternoon to pick it up.

Fenella and Coarvyne left the city to gather herbs while I returned to the inn to work on copying over some new spells with the help of an ancient magic feather that helped copy text from one source and made it appear in another. As it turned out the bright green feather I had won at Eastport in the chess competition turned out to be magical.

By 6pm I had collected my forged Ambassador badge and then headed back to the inn to meet up with Kragdor and the rest of the group to discuss what our next step would be.