Day the 13th (Session 15, Monday 7/09/18)

4th Day of Sextober

Not long after we had gathered for our meeting back at the tavern to discuss the possibility of tracking down the missing human diplomat and uncovering the conspiracy I over heard a conversation at a nearby tavern discussing a crazy human that had been spotted outside the city who had been trying to get to Homegrad.

A tiefling paladin named Ea also seemed interested in this human and had been speaking to a local dwarf about this crazy diplomat arriving in Kaloch about a week ago. The laughing guards apparently sent him down the river towards Eastport. Ea offered to join us in finding him. For some reason or another she was also interested in Henry Edwards and wished to help him out of some sense of justice.

5th Day of Sextober

We decided to leave in the very wee hours of the morning in order to make it to the Felfallow Bridge before it was raised. By early afternoon we arrived in Eastport. I asked around the docks for a crazy human seeking passage to Homegrad and it turned out he had left a mere two days ago aboard The Bright Pearl. I then arranged passage on The Flying Serpent for that evening.

6th Day of Sextober

We sailed into the night and through the morning when Ea, who had been spending a lot of time in the Crows Nest, spotted a ship in the distance with her spy glass. It was smoking and patches of the ship were still on fire. The Captain identified it as The Bright Pearl.

The Captain pulled his ship along side of The Bright Pearl and boarded. The Captain and a number of the crew had just crossed the boarding plank to the other ship when 8 Sahuagin rose up out of the ocean surrounding us and boarded our ship.

One lashed out at me with its spear and cut me deep. Quick as a flash I used Misty Step to escape several of the fishy looking sea creatures that had surrounded me and appeared on the other ship with a swirl of mist.

My illusion of safety was shattered however when 8 more of the finned creatures rose up out of the deep to surround me on The Bright Pearl.

Fenella cast a spell that surrounded her with a wall of 8 snarling wolves on either side of her. Another of the creatures struck out at me but I managed to deflect the blow with a quick Shield. I then flew up above the ship both for safety and for a better view of the battle.

I watched as Fenella’s wolves made quick work of most of the sahuagin on her side of the battle. Ea seemed to be holding her own, and Coarvyne impaled a few fish faces with his arrows. I unleashed a Fireball right in the middle of a mob that had been surrounding Coarvyne and shaped the spell to keep the flames from touching him.

Those few that survived the blast were easily taken out, and Fenella and her wolves along with a few crew members mopped up what remained on her side of the ship.

What at first looked like a deadly battle with 16 relentless fish creatures turned into a cakewalk of fried fish sticks and minced Fish Pâté thanks to Fenella’s wolves.