Day the 2nd (Session 3, Monday 4/16/18)

21st Day of Sarailah:

After our short rest we decided to check out the other tunnels branching off from our camp spot. One lead to a cave in and two more lead to dead-ends. We found some moonstones but no sign of the goblins, or the missing goblin captain.

As we headed back out of the cave Kragdor set an Alarm spell at the entrance to the goblin tunnel to alert him should the captain or any other goblins return. We decided we were in dire need of rest and so made camp just a mile away from the mine tunnels. We were barely into our rest, however, when we were rudely interrupted by a chimera; a savage looking beast with a head of a lion, goat, and a dragon! Its fiery breath engulfed Erland and Fenella, leaving our druid badly wounded, and Erland not looking too well either. Still it was a quick fight and the beast was soon dead.

To my disgust Erland chopped the head off the dragon head while Coarvyne collected scales and pried out a few teeth. It seemed to me like grim and messy work for little reward but it turned out the druids back at camp held some value for the bloody trophy and paid 150 gold for it, which Erland kept to himself much to Coarvyne’s chagrin.

We managed to finish our rest without further interruption. Kragdor’s Alarm spell expired without being triggered so we knew the goblin captain had not returned to their lair. With no further reason to return to the mine we decided to head to the druid encampment to stock up on some supplies. It was a good opportunity for me to gather some material myself for a ritual spell to summon my familiar; a large raven that I have yet to come up with a name for.

During our time in camp Fenella witnessed Feritti casting a spell for Erland to identify some item in his possession. Privately she informed us that his spell could not have been druidic in nature. I also knew it to be Arcane of some sort, marking Feritti as more Sorcerer than druid. Feritti seemed concerned about our learning his secret and did not wish the other druids in the camp to learn of it and bid us not to discuss it openly lest he be forced to part ways with them. None of us seemed to have any problems about keeping his secret so for now we will hold our tongues.