Day the 4th (Session 5, Monday 4/30/18)

23rd Day of Sarailah:

We decided to take a nice long rest and slept until the next morning before we ventured down the stairway. It turned out there was no pile of treasure, just an empty room with a wall that faintly glowed of magic. If I were to hazard a guess it was the residual magic left behind from being a target destination of a one-way gateway, possibly what brought the beholder here. Still it would only be a guess, and none of us felt inclined to stay any longer to find out for sure.

So mission accomplished, at least as far as Kragdor was concerned. The goblin threat was ended, along with its masters, so he informed us that our reward of 5,000 pieces of gold would be waiting for us in 5 days’ time at the guard station in Eastport unless we meet up with him sooner in Mt. Kalock.

We arrived at the druid’s camp at about 10am bidding Kragdor farewell, then met with the druid chief to collect our reward; which didn’t turn out to be much – a single moonstone for each of us from Chief Radagast for all our hard work. Well at least Fenella was able to speak with one of their elders for further training while Coarvyne and Erland conduct a bit of side-business of their own.

The cloaker skins turned out to be wet and nearly ruined from being packed in snow, now melted into a wet mess, but Erland paid to have them repaired and made into gloves.

As for me? Well there was not much for me to do but eagerly await our departure and head on to Eastport where I hoped to get some training of my own. From what I hear Coarvyne has a brother or some such that he was supposed to meet up with there. I guess I will find out more about that when the time comes.