Day the 5th (Session 7, Monday 5/14/18)

24th Day of Sarailah

“You can come out now,” I yell to Farland who had somehow buried himself under the wreckage of the ship. After the halfling dug himself out we made our greetings and he began to tell his story of escaping the slavers ship and getting himself into more trouble in the bar. He escaped again after being ran out of town only to run into more trouble with the basilisks. It seemed pretty clear that Farland had a knack for getting himself into trouble.

It was clear the basilisk trail lead away from the beach and somewhere into the woods. “Basilisk eggs are worth a lot of money to the right sort if their trail happens to lead into a nest somewhere,” I mentioned.

Whether motivated by greed or just a sense of adventure, the others seemed to agree that it was a good idea to follow the trail to see where it would lead. Even Farland decided to follow us rather than chance being alone, and he did not seem to like the idea of returning to Eastport.

The trail split off into two different directions shortly after we entered the woods. The likelihood of the two basilisks being a mated pair with a nest of eggs hidden somewhere suddenly seemed unlikely but we decided to continue on anyway and followed the more Northern trail. Soon we came to a small pond formed by what looked like a beaver dam.

I spotted movement in the murky water and we all backed away as an enormous lobster looking creature imerged from the shore and went right for Fenella. It stretched 8 feet from tail to claw and probably weighed more than an entire family tree of gnomes!

With Erland and Fenella flanking it and keeping the creatures attention I stood back and tested out one of my newly acquired spells and lobbed flaming balls of awesomeness at the seafood platter.

Coarvyne and his brother Farland climbed up into a nearby tree and decided the creature needed a little seasoning and peppered it with arrows. Farland, however, did not seem to have a taste for seafood and peppered Erland with an arrow instead.

Fenella got caught in the beasts giant pincher claw and was looking rather hurt, but between Erland’s Greatsword, Coarvyne’s arrows, my scorching rays of hurt, and Farland’s… well Farland didn’t really do much more of anything but at least he refrained from shooting anyone else… anyway between the rest of us we finished the beast off and took a short rest before backtracking to the other basilisk trail.

No creatures lurked at the end of this trail, but then there were no eggs either. The trail ended in a small cave littered with broken pieces of stone, the crumbs left from the basilisks petrified dinner.

We followed the trail back to the beach where we decided to make camp. To kill some time before nightfall Coarvyne decided to give us a few lessons in nature craft. Erland tried to share a bit of his sailor knowledge, and while the human meat shield was no powerhouse of wisdom, he seemed even more addle-brained than usual. Even Coarvyne looked quite confused about what Erland was trying to convey.

Fortunately my lesson on the subtlety of lockpicking was well recieved and we were able to end on a positive note before we bedded down for the night. I decided to spend the quiet time during my watch to work on my book and added a sketch of the lobster creature that I might investigate it further when I had time to spend at the library.

25th Day of Sarailah

Morning soon came and Fenella left us to return to the Druid camp where she could receive further training. The rest of us made our way back to Eastport where we saw signs of some kind of happening going on. I stopped a commoner on the road and asked if it was some kind of holiday. Spring had ended and the town was dressing up in preparation for Summerfest.

We decided that spending one more day in Eastport to see what the Festival had to offer wasn’t such a bad idea. Erland and Coarvyne went off to spend some time training while I headed back to the Wizard Collage to continue my studies, copy some new spells, and to buy a few scrolls to work on later.