Session 0

House Rules

I tend to stick to RAW (Rules as Written) in most cases. I may occasionally give in to the “rule of cool” from time to time if it is mostly theatric and doesn’t break anything.

Initiative: Since this is a Play by Post style game, initiative will work differently. Initiative will occur in the order that players post their actions. I will post NPC and creature turns sporadically between player posts, or last if the players beat me to it. Summoned creatures, pets, mounts etc. will act on the same initiative as the player controlling them and can be controlled as part of their same turn.

Ability Checks using alternative stats: I will allow this if there is a good narrative behind it. One example would be using Strength to make an Intimidation check by flexing your muscles and looking menacing. I may also allow a Wizard to make a Deception check using Intelligence when trying to bluff a guard with an illusion.

Take 10 (passive skill checks): If you are making a skill check where time is not an issue (such as not attempting it during combat) and there is no penalty for failure and multiple attempts can be made, you can in some cases “take 10” or use a passive ability check. This can be used for Investigation, Perception, Strength (when there is no opposing skill check), and in most cases picking locks.

Passive Perception: I will use the PHB (Player’s Handbook) rules on Passive Perception. Passive Perception is “always on” and will usually function as a player’s minimum perception. If a player is actively looking for something they can make a roll to attempt to roll higher than their passive perception but will still retain their passive perception.

Feats: I will be allowing Feats in the game. You can choose your Feats from any official published material.

Summoning Rules: I will allow the player to choose what creatures they summon. However if I feel this is abused or causes other issues this could change.

Game Mechanics

I will be running a 5th edition D&D game using Dndbeyond for character sheets and Discord for posting. For rolls I will use the honor system so use whatever method you prefer, but the Avrae bot will be available on Discord if you want to use it. This could change based on player preference.

Please make your posts in story format and from your character’s perspective (third person) and in past tense.

At the end of your post you can use OOC (Out of Character) to explain your actions more plainly and include any game mechanics such as modifiers, die rolls etc.

For example:

“Get thee back foul spirits, fall back into the grave from whence you came,” Sheridan cried as he held forth the symbol of Tyr as it shown in the white radiance of his holiness.

OOC – Sheridan attempts to turn the three skeletons

If your post is purely Out Of Character, please use the OOC thread to post your comments or questions, but short questions about what your character sees or knows can be added as an OOC at the bottom of your post.

Any time you post an action please include any rolls you feel may be appropriate, such as skill checks, attack rolls, as well as any damage should the roll hit to help speed things up, otherwise I may just make the rolls myself. Also please include any relevant character abilities and attributes because I may not remember everything all the time and could miss something.

Post rate: 1 to 2 posts per day on average is preferred, but having to skip a day or two now and then is fine.

Character Creation

Players will start at level 1. I use for creating and maintaining character sheets. Any published material will be allowed. For ability scores you can choose either Point Buy or Standard Array. Multiclassing is allowed. Because of the starting conditions for this campaign you won’t be starting with any gold or equipment.

Alignment: I don’t care what Alignment you choose or even if you bother to choose one at all, but keep in mind this is a cooperative campaign and I expect players and their characters to be able to work together and to function with relative civility. Player vs player (including stealing) will be frowned upon as will any disruptive behavior.

Making Changes: I will allow any players the option to change their characters subclass and other class features at the beginning of every level until they reach level 4. So at the beginning of level 2, at level 3, and again at level 4, any player that is not happy with their selection will be allowed to change them. After the final adjustment at level 4 players must stick with their selection or roll another character.


Leveling: I will use Milestone leveling and will keep all the players at the same level. Players will start at level 1 but the first few level advancements will come relatively quickly. I anticipate players reaching level 2 within a week, and then another level every few weeks or so after that until about level 5. It will slow down after that with levels coming every 2 months or so. This of course will depend on the pace of the game and whether or not the players feel the pace needs to change.

The Campaign

Campaign Style: Open World / Sandbox

This is a homebrew world with a splash of published material and on the fly made up stuff.

I may draw inspiration from various modules and settings I like (such as Forgotten Realms) or what I think will fit, but the players are free to make their own choices and be the driving force of where the adventure takes them. I may throw in breadcrumbs or plot hooks that could lead into a module style adventure which the players are free to follow, but are just as free to take in a completely different direction. I may resort to railroading if I feel the campaign is starting to stall.

Difficulty: I expect the players to be heroic and mostly successful, however I do want to keep it fun and occasionally challenging. However not all challenges are meant to be faced head on with swords swinging. Sometimes players may need to get creative, and sometimes they will need to learn it is best to just run.

Rating: I will be focusing on an adult campaign geared towards adults, but I don’t expect things to escalate above a PG-13 level. Some mild language will be acceptable but I would prefer more fantasy world cursing if you want to exibit more harsh language for your role-playing. Any sexual content will ‘Fade to Black’ if it even comes up at all.

Racism: There will be elements of racism in the game between certain races. Some races just don’t get along, and this may be more apparent in certain regions over others. Slavery will also exist.