Character Creation

Assigning Ability Scores

Ability scores will be assigned through a point buy system.

Players will have 90 points to distribute between their Ability Scores. Scores of 6-15 will be at the normal cost of one point per value, with 6 being the minimum score and 18 being the maximum. Exceptional skill will be calculated as follows:

16 – will cost 18 starting points
17 – will cost 20 starting points
18 – will cost 24 starting points

Once your base ability scores are assigned you can apply any applicable racial bonus.

Leveling Up

At level 1 characters start with the maximum value of their hit die.

Changing Sub-class

I will allow any players the option to change their characters subclass and other class features at the beginning of every level until they reach level 4. So at the beginning of level 2, at level 3, and again at level 4, any player that is not happy with their selection will be allowed to change them. After the final adjustment at level 4 players must stick with their selection or roll another character.