Posting Guidelines

Post Format

Please make your posts in story format and from your character’s perspective (third person) and in past tense.

At the end of your post you can use OOC (Out of Character) to explain your actions more plainly and include any game mechanics such as modifiers, die rolls etc.

For example:

“Get thee back foul spirits, fall back into the grave from whence you came,” Sheridan cried as he held forth the symbol of Tyr as it shown in the white radiance of his holiness.

OOC – Sheridan attempts to turn the three skeletons

If your post is purely Out Of Character, please use the OOC thread to post your comments or questions, but short questions about what your character sees or knows can be added as an OOC at the bottom of your post.

Dice Rolls

If you wish to roll your own dice then feel free to do so and post the results at the bottom of your post. Please be sure to include the actual die roll and any modifiers.

If you don’t care about rolling dice you can just leave that out and I will handle the rolling for you.

At some point this may change and I may use another program for die rolls.

Over-view & A Note

I don’t want to make the game too easy. Gross player error could result in your character’s termination (yeah… you die… bummer) and this error doesn’t even have to be specific to your part, but the actions or decisions of another player. I will never force or lead a character into a situation they can’t handle, but ‘handling’ a situation may not always end in glory and riches.

Just because you have stumbled into a hoard of cannibal halflings, don’t expect me to get you out, especially if I left you clues hinting that perhaps following that blood-stained trail of half eaten body parts was not a good idea.

There are always many possible story lines to follow in any situation, and you can always make up your own, if I had other plans for the story then I will adapt them or go with a new one. So use your wits, player instincts, sheer luck… what ever it takes… and maybe, just maybe I will let you have that shiny new sword that shoots those awesome lightning bolts to consume your enemies in a glorious flash of sizzling light… well probably not but it would be fun to try anyway wouldn’t it?

No rule here or anywhere is to be considered written in stone. I want to make for a fun and interesting campaign to play in. The rules are to be a guideline to keep the game on track, not a burden. For the most part I will stick to them, and I will use die rolls for most things, but if I feel a more personal touch would be much better for a given situation then a random die roll then I will go with that.

If you have ideas, suggestions or contributions of your own then let me know. Also if you question or disagree with the outcome or method of any situation likewise feel free to bring that up with me and I will be happy to discuss it with you but of course I will reserve the right to have the final say.

And no… absolutely under no circumstances will the DM subject himself to petty bribery on the better behalf of your character… hmmm… say… is that pizza?

NOTE: Always remember that the DM reserves the right to drop the PCs into a pool of bubbling acid, or to have their flesh ripped apart and their living organs devoured by rabid orcs at any time and without prior warning.