The Adventures in Waterdeep

Dragon Heist

19th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 1) The adventure begins in the late evening at The Yawning Portal in Waterdeep when a brawl breaks out at a nearby table between Yagra, an agent of the Zhentarium, and a group of thugs working for the Xanathar’s Guild. Shortly after the brawl a troll climbs up out of the Pit along with … Continue reading “19th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep”

20th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 3) Morning arrives with the party staying at The Yawning Portal where they finalized the transfer of the deed from Volo. They then visit the North Ward to examine their new property and find the manor, now tavern, in dire disrepair. As they make arrangements to begin some repairs, starting with the replacement of … Continue reading “20th of Tarsakh – Waterdeep”

21st of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 4) The party awakens after their first night in Trollskull Manor to a fireball exploding just outside their new home. In the street just outside the manor are nearly a dozen bodies and a wagon and horses on fire along with several onlookers. After questioning the witnesses they discover that a gnome named Dalakhar had … Continue reading “21st of Tarsakh – Waterdeep”

22nd of Tarsakh – Waterdeep

(Session 6) The party decided to pursuit the Hammer of Moradin which they discover is hidden within the Blue Alley, a sort of extra-dimensional dungeon located within Waterdeep created by the wizard Keilier as a “strange sort of obstacle course, established by a crazed wizard to test the greedy, the venturesome, and others who wander … Continue reading “22nd of Tarsakh – Waterdeep”