The Adventures of Mormy

Greetings Fellow Seeker!

I am Mormy, a Gnome of Many Talents; pureyor of knowledge, wielder of the arcane, an adventurer, and a keen eye for finding trouble and escaping unscathed! At least most of the time but we won’t talk about that right now. Instead maybe I shall introduce you to my latest adventure that all started with a nice pleasant sea voyage to the Island of Kalock!

Day the 1st (Session 1, Monday 04/02/18)

20th Day of Sarailah: While visiting the Island of Kalock; a land inhabited by Dwarves; I, Mormy; the teller of this tale, and Fenella; an elven druid I had met on the boat while sailing to this island, along with Veriu; a tiefling monk; were captured and tied up by goblins. And if that seemed … Continue reading “Day the 1st (Session 1, Monday 04/02/18)”

Day the 2nd (Session 2, Monday 04/09/18)

21st Day of Sarailah: I awoke to find Fenella standing over me. We had both been blind-folded and tied to a post in the middle of a small mine cavern. Fenella managed to free herself and then freed and woke myself. Veriu, who had joined us the day before; or so we had assumed based … Continue reading “Day the 2nd (Session 2, Monday 04/09/18)”

Day the 2nd (Session 3, Monday 4/16/18)

21st Day of Sarailah: After our short rest we decided to check out the other tunnels branching off from our camp spot. One lead to a cave in and two more lead to dead-ends. We found some moonstones but no sign of the goblins, or the missing goblin captain. As we headed back out of … Continue reading “Day the 2nd (Session 3, Monday 4/16/18)”

Day the 3rd (Session 3, Monday 4/16/18)

22nd Day of Sarailah: As morning finally arrived we headed out once more; this time making our way towards the top of Feldspar Peak were the other members of the group had encountered the Nothics previous to our joining them. I saw them near the snow-line where the battle earlier had taken place. The group … Continue reading “Day the 3rd (Session 3, Monday 4/16/18)”

Day the 3rd (Session 4, Monday 4/23/18)

22nd Day of Sarailah: We continued our search of the Outpost. Erland used his brawn to force open one of the doors on the South side of the hall. It opened up into a large dining room with a large hearth on the right. In the far right corner we could make out the figure … Continue reading “Day the 3rd (Session 4, Monday 4/23/18)”

Day the 3rd (Session 5, Monday 4/30/18)

22nd Day of Sarailah: The flames died down to reveal a room with half a dozen goblins surrounding an empty dried up fountain. One big one dressed in chainmail ordered the others to attack, but it was Coarvyne that drew first blood by sending his flaming missiles into the first goblin to advance dropping it … Continue reading “Day the 3rd (Session 5, Monday 4/30/18)”

Day the 4th (Session 5, Monday 4/30/18)

23rd Day of Sarailah: We decided to take a nice long rest and slept until the next morning before we ventured down the stairway. It turned out there was no pile of treasure, just an empty room with a wall that faintly glowed of magic. If I were to hazard a guess it was the … Continue reading “Day the 4th (Session 5, Monday 4/30/18)”

Day the 4th (Session 6, Monday 5/07/18)

23rd Day of Sarailah: So we headed South around the bog and arrived at Eastport at around 7pm. While Coarvyne and Fenella patrolled around the forest at the edge of town looking for signs of Coarvyn’s brother Erland and I headed into town. I headed over to the Wizard Collage while Erland found a merchant … Continue reading “Day the 4th (Session 6, Monday 5/07/18)”

Day the 5th (Session 7, Monday 5/14/18)

24th Day of Sarailah “You can come out now,” I yell to Farland who had somehow buried himself under the wreckage of the ship. After the halfling dug himself out we made our greetings and he began to tell his story of escaping the slavers ship and getting himself into more trouble in the bar. … Continue reading “Day the 5th (Session 7, Monday 5/14/18)”

Day the 7th (Session 8, Monday 5/21/18)

26th Day of Sarailah Another day dawned and found me waking up to the sound of festivities, music, stale beer, and unwashed sailors. I really should not have let Erland pick out the inn, but at least the food was good even if it was slightly tainted with the smell of fish that permeated everything … Continue reading “Day the 7th (Session 8, Monday 5/21/18)”

Day the 9th (Session 9, Monday 5/28/18)

28th Day of Sarailah Chester took the brunt of the damage from the second Hook Horror that left him severely wounded. The hybsil quickly retreated behind the rest of the group and drank a potion of healing as Erland moved to the front. Coarvyne charged through the group and rolled passed Erland and his Hook … Continue reading “Day the 9th (Session 9, Monday 5/28/18)”

Day the 10th (Session 10, Monday 6/04/18)

1st Day of Sextober We retraced our steps back into the cave to the small cavern where we had faced off with the Hook Horrors. One fork lead to a dead-end over-looking a murky underground river running swiftly somewhere under the wall of the cavern. Chester refused to even approach near the water and mentioned … Continue reading “Day the 10th (Session 10, Monday 6/04/18)”

Day the 10th (Session 11, Monday 6/11/18)

1st Day of Sextober We consumed our Protection from Poison potions, and I read through my scroll that I had purchased in Kalock and cast a spell of See Invisibility on myself. It had cost me 100 gold to buy and to my disappointment I had not yet had a chance to copy it into … Continue reading “Day the 10th (Session 11, Monday 6/11/18)”

Day the 11th (Session 12, Monday 6/18/18)

2nd Day of Sextober Morning came far too soon, and as soon as I awoke I gathered my brazier and expensive herbs and began to re-summon my familiar into the form of an owl. I knew we would be heading back into the cave to face a dragon and likely more imps and I needed … Continue reading “Day the 11th (Session 12, Monday 6/18/18)”

Day the 12th (Session 13, Monday 6/25/18)

3nd Day of Sextober When morning came we tracked down Kragdor who had secured us a way onto the second tier of Kaloch by way of a dinner invitation. One of his friends was hosting a dinner party and we were all given a 24 hour pass to attend. We had to look the part … Continue reading “Day the 12th (Session 13, Monday 6/25/18)”

Day the 12th (Session 14, Monday 7/02/18)

3nd Day of Sextober A swirling swoosh rose up from the enchanted ink spot on the book and three Invisible Stalkers are summoned and then suddenly vanish from sight. The guard gets tore up from the invisible bludgeoning attacks but some how manages to survive. Fenella attempted to mark them with Faerie Fire but only … Continue reading “Day the 12th (Session 14, Monday 7/02/18)”

Day the 13th (Session 15, Monday 7/09/18)

4th Day of Sextober Not long after we had gathered for our meeting back at the tavern to discuss the possibility of tracking down the missing human diplomat and uncovering the conspiracy I over heard a conversation at a nearby tavern discussing a crazy human that had been spotted outside the city who had been … Continue reading “Day the 13th (Session 15, Monday 7/09/18)”