The Journal of Milbrook Manastorm

This is from the book that was found on the desk that the gnome was just about to write into when he was interrupted by the awakening players.

It is obviously a journal and written in the Dani language (the most common written language for humans). It is written in a neat and elegant scrawl by someone who has obviously had spent a lot of time writing. Consider this just a sample of what was written. There is an entry for every day but not all of it has been included, just some of the highlights. Also most entries would have been a bit more “word intensive” but I included all the important stuff, and some not so important.

Each entry is also dated according to the Dani Calendar (which I have not made yet). “Day 1” would fall on a date at least a few months before any last date that you could remember. I will let you decide on your own just how much time has passed since your last memory.

Operation Blue Phoenix

Agent Milbrook Manastorm Reporting

Day 1

I just arrived at my new post which I expect will be my new home for quite some time. Phoenix Corp has been kind to me. It is obvious they greatly respect my talents to place me in such a prestigious assignment. It may be a remote location out here on the ass end of the island but that is only because this is such an important project that secrecy is of the uttmost importance.

Day 4

I have been putting my new Command Post in fresh order. Much cleaning and organizing needed to be done. My supply delivery came in today and I still need to catalogue and sort it. There seems to be some mix up in what I ordered but I am sure that will be cleared up by the time my next delivery comes.

Day 6

Command Post Blue Phoenix is now in order and ready for active service. I really hope it begins soon as.

Day 7

I should have received my orders by now. I hope nothing happened to the messenger. Perhaps tomorrow during low tide I will head to shore and scout the trail ahead to make sure nothing is amiss.

Day 8

The coast is clear but there is a distant storm in the North. Perhaps the messenger was merely delayed.

Day 10

Finally the messenger arrived this afternoon and delivered a sealed letter from the Aspet himself! The package that will be my new assignment is on the way and the messenger will be staying with me for a few days to assure that it arrives and that everything is in order. I assured him that I am ready and fit for duty and that all was indeed in order. He seemed skeptical, or maybe it is just that all human faces look like that.

Day 12

The “Package” did indeed arrive. It certainly wasn’t what I expected. Elves boxed up in crates? The Aspet himself would be arriving in a few days to go over all the mission parameters.

Day 13

The “Package” has been stowed away in the lighthouse examination lab. They seem to be in some form of stasis. They are just lying there on benches not even breathing. I was informed that they require no food or drink and that I was just to assure their safety until they were brought into service.

Day 15

The Aspet himself has arrived and I was right all along! I have been trusted with the prototype of an important new project! Clones! Only they are far more then mere clones, that was just the sales pitch given to the original adventurers when they paid tons and tons of gold to have them commissioned. Hah! I bet those silly adventure types had no idea their ill gotten gains would be funding a super secret project that would some day have world shaking consequences! I will say no more however. I have been sworn to secrecy.

Day 16

I have watched in awe as the Aspet placed his spell upon the clones and saw the sigil of the Blue Phoenix appear. The link was successful and one day they would be put into the service of the Order. That will be a glorious day indeed and I am right in the middle of it!

Day 17

The Aspet himself thanked me for my service before he left to return to his other duties. He informed me that his task was complete and that my work here was incredibly important to the Order! Some day I might rise to be an Aspet myself! I am to remain and watch over the newly created operatives until they were ready to be activated. Meanwhile the Aspet himself assured me that I would receive everything I needed!

Day 18

I am once again alone and everything remains in perfect order. The new operatives remain in stasis and appear to have no nutritional needs at the moment so there is little need to care for them other than what? Remain here and make sure they don’t try to get up and walk away on their own? Hah! When the time came for the subjects to be activated I would receive further instructions.

Day 20

I must remind myself I am doing an important service for the Order. It is fortunate I am patient, otherwise all this waiting would drive a gnome insane!

Day 25

All is still in order. More waiting, more waiting. I am doing important work here.

Day 29

The messenger arrived and this time he was escorting another shipment of supplies. A whole barrel of dried beans! And a whole sack of corn husks. What am I supposed to do with a bunch of corn husks? Important work, important work! Well at least it is not fish. I am getting really tired of fish! Still no new orders however.

Day 36

All is still in order. I am really getting to hate the sound of those damn seagulls. All they do is squawk and squawk and squawk! They never shut up!

Day 38

I had a really interesting conversation with one of the clones today. She seemed really nice, for an elf. I took to calling her Miaa and she really likes it. She doesn’t say much but I think I am winning her over.

Day 44

Today I am going to walk along the main land and collect some mussels. Miaa doesn’t eat much but I bet if I made her some of my famous steamed mussel gumbo she would really love it.

Day 45

I don’t like the way that other elf keeps looking at me. There is something in his eyes.

Day 55

I know they are not really talking to me, but Miaa seems to think I need to take a vacation. I think I will visit the Half-Way Inn and just get away for a bit. I think it would be good for us to spend some time apart. I don’t know why they call it the Half-Way Inn, it is not really half way to anywhere. Maybe it used to be half way to somewhere but now I think it is just half way to nowhere. Still there will be people there and I think it would be good for us to see other people.

Day 59

The Messenger arrived today and says he will be staying here for a few days and has taken up residence in the store room. Apparently I am under some sort of evaluation. Naturally there is none better suited to the task at hand. Everything is still in order, and even Renly, Miaa’s cousin, is in a much better mood. He doesn’t stare at me like he used to. I think he is finally starting to like me.

Day 63

The Messenger finally left this morning. Good thing too, he is mighty poor company and he keeps me from speaking with my friends. I told him I needed some more supplies. I am in need of a new mug especially, the one I have now doesn’t fit my face right.

Day 65

All is well. As usual. If one does not consider that aweful racket outside and those damn seagulls. I started my novel! So far I think it is coming along great!

Day 71

Miaa doesn’t like my new novel, and Renly just laughed at me, and so did that other one. I remember now why I don’t care for elves. Who do they think they think they are? Critics!

Day 74

Chapter 3 is almost done. Miaa and I are no longer speaking. I don’t want to talk about it.

Day 75

I’m not listening. I’m not listening. I’m not listening.

Day 76

Not even the seagulls can drown her out. She just won’t shut up!

Day 78

Finally the supplies I ordered arrived today! Oh cinnamon, how I have missed you! Peppered Curry for dinner, and Ginger Cinnamon Caramels for dessert!

Day 85

Milbrook Manastorm! Vanquisher of the Mighty Dragon Army and Hero of the Realm! Ah, I like the sound of that. Shut up Renly, I am not listening to you!

Day 87

I think Milbrook Manastorm will learn how to play the lute today.

Day 121

My supply run is running late. I am almost completely out of sugar. How does the Aspet expect me to make my Ginger Cinnamon Caramels without sugar? Has the entire world gone mad!

Day 125

The sugar is GONE! GONE! My shipment still has not arrived. I have not seen the messenger in weeks.

Day 127

No, all is NOT well. I still have no sugar! How does the Order expect me to function here when they can’t even manage a simple shipment of sugar? I bet if Milbrook Manastorm were running things over there there would be plenty of Sugar!

Day 128

I am sure The Half-Way Inn will have some sugar. I will launch an expedition first thing in the morning to acquire some. It is fortunate the Order has left someone like me in charge of operations here at Blue Phoenix Headquarters or surely all of their hardwork would have collapsed into chaos by now.

Day 130

Operation Sugar Scoop is complete! Result: Pure Success! Now Commencing Operation Acquire Ginger Cinnamon Caramel. And Miaa can’t have any. In fact none of you can!

Day 132

Finally the shipment arrived! Held up by fish creatures indeed! Milbrook Manastorm will tolerate no such incompetence within his ranks! This Messenger fellow is now formally under Notice!