The Lighthouse

As you head up the stairs you rise up to the level of the windows and are able to get a clear view outside. One window in particular is right next to the stairs so you can get a really good view outside and below.

You appear to be near the edge of a rocky cliff with a clear view of the ocean waves as they crash against the shore. You can also see a cozy looking stone cottage with a tiled roof near the base of the structure that you are in. Both structures are on a small rocky island surrounded by sea. Behind you away from the shore is a small stand of trees. Shortly beyond that you can see more ocean surrounding you forming a small island. Only a few hundred feet away is the mainland.

The mainland looks like a rocky coastline with a few shallow cliff faces with the occasional break into a sandy beach. The beach is swarming with sea birds of all types digging into the sand looking for food.

Further down the coastline towards the east and just barely within sight you can see what might possibly be the mouth of a river but it is at the very least a few miles away.