What the heck is Mormy.net?

Mormy is the name I have used since my first foray online when I started socializing on the Internet. Mormy is my “handle” as you might say and I have grown kind of attached to it.

Being that I am a di-hard Tolkien fan Mormy is actually the shortened version of ‘Mormegil’. Mormegil means “Black Sword” and was the name given to Túrin Turambar, a character from Tolkien’s silmarillion. Which means in addition to being a computer nerd I am also a fantasy fan.

Anyway this site is not really about me anyway but rather a collection of some of the things I like. I started it as a personal project since I like web design and I wanted a site to motivate me to keep current on the latest technologies.

So thanks for visiting and I hope you will find something here of use to you. I am open for discussion if you would like to contact me for whatever purpose. Just click on the Contact link provided in the menu.